Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

AIAT recognises you may eligible for credit or recognition prior learning (RPL) as a result of your prior studies and/or industry experience. When you apply for Credit Transfer or RPL, we’ll assess your prior studies and/or experience, and you may be awarded Credit for a portion of the course which you’re applying for or are currently studying. This credit may result in a reduction of the amount of study required to complete your course.

Apply for credit transfer

Applicants for admission apply for credit or recognition of prior learning as part of their admission application.

Current students may apply for credit or recognition of prior learning during their course prior to commencement of the subject they are requesting credit for.  Requests should be submitted 2 weeks prior to the subject start date.

Applicants/students are to complete the Application for Credit and/or Recognition of Prior Learning form and submit it with supporting document as outlined below.


Formal Learning (e.g. degrees, certificates)

Must Provide

  • a certified copy of the student’s official transcript of subjects and grades; and
  • an explanation of the grading system(s) used on the transcript (if the transcript does not include this)

High Desirable to provide*

(see note below)

Subject outlines, which outlines and describes the learning outcomes in the year(s) in which the student completed the subject(s), that include:

  • details of topics covered in the subject such as a syllabus or schedule of weekly topics;
  • the duration of the subject with a breakdown of class types (e.g. three hours of lectures and one one-hour tutorial per week, three hours of practical workshops fortnightly, for 12 weeks) and a breakdown of any workplace learning activities the student undertook for the subject;
  • the list of prescribed textbook(s) and recommended readings; and
  • assessment details including types of assessment tasks (e.g., essay, quiz, exam), word limits, content and weighting towards the final mark.


Informal Learning (e.g. work experience)

Must Provide

  • a) statement by the applicant:
    • explaining how the relevant non-formal learning, work and/or life experience covers the syllabus and meets the learning outcomes of the subject(s) for which credit is sought; and
    • detailing the activities, when and where they took place, and their duration and/or frequency; and
  • b) supporting evidence such as:
    • a resume;
    • employment position descriptions;
    • samples of work;
    • project briefs;
    • reports and publications;
    • statements by relevant employers confirming the applicant’s work experience, position and length of service; and
    • vocational courses and qualifications.

High Desirable to provide*

(see note below)

None listed


* It is highly desirable for students to provide additional document(s) (noted in the table above) as it may improve the credit assessment outcome.

Evidence submitted in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified official translation into English.

How will the application be assessed?

Applications are reviewed by the Course Director against subject outlines and learning outcomes, types of studies and the institute where the studies were undertaken, and the principles as outlined in the Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. The application will be reviewed and finalised within 2-3 weeks.

Notification of Outcome

Students who are applying for admission will be notified of the outcome as part of the Letter of Offer.

Enrolled students will be notified of the outcome via their student email account.