Our Professional Education program is designed to enhance AI and cybersecurity skills through practical applications, addressing the growing demand for professionals to leverage new technologies in the workplace.

What is Professional Education?

Professional Education is a specialized program designed for workforce upskilling, suitable for executives, current or emerging business leaders, and senior professionals.

AI Professional Certificates

The use of AI is already transforming business operations, leading to changes in workforce skillsets. Our AI Academy is dedicated to empowering executives and professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance their AI skills, improve efficiency, and automate repetitive tasks in the workplace. Explore all our AI Professional Certificate Courses on our AI Academy.

Global Cyber Program

In close collaboration with our partners at the Global Cyber Alliance, we are actively developing a program that provides free access to cybersecurity resources and offers affordable training on their utilization. Together, we envision a secure, trustworthy Internet that fosters social and economic progress for all.

The Global Cyber Alliance is a premier international not-for-profit organization, founded by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York and the City of London Police. We collaborate on cybersecurity initiatives funded by organizations such as the MasterCard Foundation, Amazon, and Bloomberg, while also being part of a global network of partners including Meta, Microsoft, Deloitte, and others

In collaboration with the Global Cyber Alliance and the Mastercard Foundation, we offer cybersecurity awareness and prevention programs such as the Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Businesses on demand. Additionally, in collaboration with the Global Cyber Alliance and Amazon, we also provide CyberFlex – a global, mobile-forward, and interactive online solution that equips young adults with information and tools to avoid online scams. Developed with a globally diverse group of young adult advisors, CyberFlex contains actionable, targeted, and relevant information for 18 to 25-year-olds to prevent, mitigate, report, and recover from online scams and other cyber risks. Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

Microsoft Data and AI Bootcamp

In collaboration with Microsoft, we are offering access to the Microsoft Data and AI Bootcamp to all our IT students. This presents a unique opportunity for our students to engage with industry experts and acquire the skills needed to become future leaders in Data and AI. Please contact us to learn
more about the Microsoft Bootcamps.

Online Short Courses

We are also collaborating with Microsoft on the development of an introductory business and technology online short course package, alongside a suite of other business-related ‘soft skills’ short courses. Interested to learn more? Please contact us for more information.

Tax Deductible Programs

The cost of professional development training is tax deductible in most countries, including Australia. As per the Australian Tax Office: “You can claim a deduction for the cost of attending seminars, conferences, or training courses to maintain or increase the knowledge, capabilities or skills you need to earn your income in your current employment.”