Academic Progress

Academic Progress on Your Course

Requirements for successfully completing a subject

In order to successfully complete a subject, you must:

  • Attempt all assessment tasks
  • Achieve at least a cumulative 50% of the total marks
  • Pass any hurdle requirements

Students’ academic progress is monitored throughout your enrolment.
Students are expected to complete a minimum number of subjects each year, and to complete the Course within the maximum duration provided by the Course rules. Extensions to this maximum duration are only given in exceptional circumstances.
International students on a student visa must also comply with the progression and enrolment requirements of their visa. We are legally required to monitor and report students who do not meet certain conditions to the Australian Government.
If a student fails to meet academic progression or enrolment requirements, AIAT may suspend or preclude the student or impose strict conditions on their enrolment.

Attendance requirements

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and activities associated with each subject they are enrolled in. Academic staff record students’ attendance and this information is collated by the Student Services Office. They generate attendance reports at the end of each week and monitor and analyse attendance.
If you are unable to attend a class (for example, for medical or other acceptable reasons), we ask that you notify the Course Director in advance of the class and indicate when you next expect to attend.
If a student is absent from all scheduled classes for more than five consecutive South Australian working days, the Student Services Office contacts the student by email and/or telephone to check on their safety and welfare, unless they have an approved exemption from attendance.
A student may be required to meet the Course Director or access other support to address attendance concerns.

Please refer to the Attendance Policy and Attendance Procedures for more details.