ICT Support

ICT Support

Access to a Computer & AIAT Network

Students and staff will be provided with secure, high speed internet connection at AIAT and access to the learning management system (StudyHub). Students will access their records through the student portal, and staff though the staff portal respectively. Training on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) facilities and equipment at AIAT will be provided to all students on Orientation Day. Further assistance can be obtained from the IT Help Desk at ithelpdesk@aiat.edu.au. AIAT provides a suite of computers for students to use on campus. Students are welcome to bring their own device. The Acceptable Use of ICT Policy and Procedure outline the rules for the use of AIAT computer hardware and software.  

General Use Guidelines

  • Students and staff must take all reasonable steps to protect their account from unauthorised use.
  • Passwords and access to ICT systems and resources must not be shared.
  • Students and staff must comply with the terms of use that apply to particular software or services.
  • When students bring their own device, they must comply with the BYOD Procedure
  • All computing devices, including BYOD, must be configured to comply with the best-practice guidelines when connecting to the AIAT network. Specifically;
  • Passcode or password should be configured on device with automatic screen lock after a period of inactivity.
  • Security software such as antivirus and personal firewall should be installed.
  • Operating system and applications should be kept up to date.
  • Only digitally signed software from trusted sources should be used.
  • Encryption and “remote wipe” features should be enabled for mobile devices when available.
  • Student and staff are strongly encouraged to either log off or leave screensavers locked when leaving their devices unattended to reduce risk of unauthorised use of their account.
  • Students will be held responsible for emails from their account.

Password Protection

  • Do not type in your password if someone is standing behind you.
  • If you suspect someone has discovered your password, you should contact the IT Help Desk at ithelpdesk@aiat.edu.au immediately.

Reporting Security Incidents

All students and staff must:
  • Report any actual or suspected security weakness, breach or threat involving AIAT ICT systems and resources to the IT Support Officer as soon as possible.
  • Report lost loss or theft of AIAT devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) to their manager or the IT Support Officer;
  • Report a loss or theft of an external storage device which contains AIAT data to their manager or the IT Support Officer;
  • Respond to potential incidents or events, including un-authorised system usage, as directed by the IT Support Officer;
  • Immediately report any suspected breach of the Acceptable Use of ICT Policy or Procedure, to their manager or the IT Support Officer; and
  • Immediately report the loss of passwords or if their account has been breached to their manager or the IT Support Officer.
  Please be aware that the ICT services are provided for academic purposes of research, teaching and learning; and to support the administration of AIAT. Where there is an allegation of non-compliance and the IT Support Officer considers it necessary to act immediately to prevent AIAT learning and teaching, research and/or administrative functions from being disrupted, the IT Support Officer may:
  • Remove or disable an authorised users’ access to AIAT ICT systems and resources and/or
  • Restrict or remove an authorised users’ access to AIAT ICT systems and resources pending further investigation, disciplinary and/or judicial action.

ICT Policies & Procedures

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This glossary provides a general definition of terms commonly used in our policies and procedures at AIAT and is intended as a guide only.
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