Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

AIAT recognises it operates in a diverse local, national and global community, and values the diversity of its student population. The Institute is committed to providing access to and creating a learning environment which values the rich diversity of its students.

The Student Access and Equity Policy informs students and staff of the AIAT policies and procedures that outline how AIAT ensures student access and equity are supported in learning and teaching, student services and engagement.

If you have a disability or ongoing health condition, which may impact on your ability to study or complete assessments, AIAT provides additional support to ensure you have an equal opportunity to complete your studies. Please make the Admissions Officer aware of your circumstances at the time of your enrolment, or as soon as possible thereafter. This ensures AIAT can work with you to provide practical, individualised support that will assist you to succeed with your studies.

Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustment can be made to your learning environment if you have a disability or ongoing health condition that will impact on your academic studies.

A request for reasonable adjustment provisions can be made at any time while you are enrolled as a student at AIAT, or during your initial application. Reasonable adjustment provisions may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The use of adaptive/assistive technology or equipment for use by individuals with a disability, injury, illness or ongoing health condition to undertake study/assessment in a fair and equitable manner. For example, AIAT may arrange special seating or computer access during a formal examination.
  • Alternative methods of assessment. For example, verbal assessment in place of written assessments.
  • Individualised examination conditions. This may include seating arrangements, providing an additional 10 minutes per hour in your exams, toilet/rest/exercise breaks during exams, and allowing drinks or bite-sized food during exams.
  • Providing accessible learning formats. For example, large print reading materials or coloured exam papers.
  • Provision of a scribe.

To request a reasonable adjustment, please contact

  • Prospective students: Admissions Officer
  • Current students: the Student Services Office (email)

Special Consideration

You may apply for special consideration if your ability to complete an assignment or sit an exam will be adversely impacted by unexpected circumstances outside your control.

The table below provides examples of circumstances which may be eligible for special consideration. Approval is not limited to the examples below, provided acceptable supporting documentation is provided.


Medical Circumstances


  • An unexpected illness
  • A re-occurrence of a chronic illness
  • An accident-causing injury

Please note that a disability or illness for which an approved Support Plan exists will not be accepted unless the disability has been compounded by an unexpected change or an additional condition


Supporting Documentation

Supporting documents may take the form of:

  • Medical certificate


Compassionate Circumstances

Compassionate Circumstances, Hardship or trauma including:

  • A death or serious illness/injury of a close family member
  • A severe disruption to domestic arrangements
  • Being a victim of crime


Supporting Documentation

Supporting documents may take the form of:

  • A certificate or letter from a relevant health care professional who is qualified to assess and support the application
  • A police report where relevant
  • A death or funeral notice


Other Unexpected or Exceptional Circumstances


  • Religious observance
  • ATSI cultural practices
  • Community service, for example, jury duty, an unforeseen call to the Australian Defence Force or state emergency services
  • A summons to appear in court
  • A vehicle accident that occurred on the day of the examination or deadline for submission of the final assessment
  • Employment related circumstances such as a move interstate at short notice
  • Outage of the AIAT’s LMS


Supporting Documentation

Supporting documents may take the form of:

  • A letter from a religious leader or formal documentation demonstrating religious affiliation
  • In the case of ATSI cultural practices, a document from an independent person, e.g., death certificate (if culturally appropriate) or letter from a senior community Elder
  • A certified call to Australian Defence Force service
  • A description of the emergency attended for state emergency services, including the date
  • A court summons
  • A copy of a police accident report
  • A letter confirming changed employment circumstances
  • A copy of the email confirming the IT Manager was aware of the LMS outage

An application for special consideration should made in advance of an assessment wherever possible, but normally within five working days after the assessment date.


Special consideration options may include, but is not limited to:

  • An additional assessment task being scheduled or
  • The deadline for assessment task being extended.

To submit an application for special consideration, please contact the Subject Coordinator via email and include all supporting documentation with the request.

Accessibility Policies & Procedures

We have developed the following policies and procedures to support access and equity for students.


Key related policies and procedures