AIAT Profile

AIAT Profile

The Australian Institute of Advanced Technologies (AIAT) is an Institute of Higher Education, based in Adelaide, South Australia, dedicated to providing quality and personalised higher education courses that address the future needs of our technological world.

With a strong focus on real world applications and industry transformation, our specialised courses are educating a new generation of global leaders and innovators who are at the leading edge of emerging technologies.

Our aim is to graduate students who are technologically agile, responsible and effective global leaders renowned for their ability to innovate and transform industry through their outstanding knowledge and leadership.

AIAT is registered and accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and is listed on the National Register of Higher Education Providers.

The Institute’s Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) number is 04191M

Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

To be the leading independent higher education provider in the field of advanced technologies and their applications, producing graduates renowned for their ability to innovate and transform industry through outstanding knowledge and leadership.


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the next generation of technologically agile, responsible and effective global leaders by engaging our students in a learning experience that:

  • Develops students’ skills and knowledge in a way that closely reflects and anticipates the requirements of industry;
  • Is underpinned by a full understanding of the wider social and economic impact of technologies and their applications;
  • Gives students the courage and professional identity they need to succeed and contribute to South Australia, Australia and globally.


Our Goals

1. Prepare our Graduates for the World of Work

Our students will gain real world experience through capstone and applied research projects, Work Integrated Learning, exposure to industry and a curriculum that is rigorously aligned with industry skills needs. Our students will obtain a deep understanding of a body of technological knowledge, its application and related professional skills, including reflection, analysis, judgement and longer term learning. We will meet market need by creatively responding to forecasts by Government and industry leaders that economic growth will be driven by new and emerging technologies and their digital underpinnings, together with high level professional skills.

2. Create a Student Centred Learning Environment

Our students will be immersed in a learning environment that values, and is responsive to, individual academic needs and career aspirations. Students will be supported by staff who are passionate about student learning, growth and wellbeing, as well as expert in their discipline. Our staff will have expertise in international education, digital technologies, management, leadership, environmental sustainability and many industry sectors, including advanced manufacturing, defence and health.

3. Build on Partnerships with Industry

Our students will benefit from robust and imaginatively developed partnerships with a wide range of organisations and individuals in industries linked to our educational mission and course profile. Every aspect of our courses and the wider educational experience we provide will be informed by such partnerships, which will also be represented in our Industry Advisory Board.

4. Leverage the Benefits of Specialisation and Agility

We pride ourselves on being an agile, specialised institution offering niche courses at the leading edge of technological applications to industry. We are big enough to make a difference and contribution but small enough to provide a personalised approach to our students and establish genuinely deep and strong relationships with industry partners.

5. Maintain An Ethical Approach

Our students will graduate from an institution founded on the principles of integrity, diversity and freedom of expression as well as an uncompromising commitment to excellence in technology-focused learning and teaching. We aim to produce graduates capable of critical, deliberate, systematic and logical responses to future challenges of society and industry as well as functioning effectively in the present, while building on judgement and decision-making underpinned by ethical and sustainability considerations.

ATSI Statement

Statement of support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander (ATSI) Culture, Staff and Students.

AIAT is committed to providing all staff and students with a meaningful understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) cultural values, histories, beliefs and practices as well as providing appropriate support to ATSI staff and students to assist them to succeed.

Policies & Procedures

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